The Old Globe Theater Fall 2011 Season School Project

The Old Globe Theater Fall 2011 Season School Project




Above is Side 1 & 2 of a gate-fold (tri-fold) brochure I did for my Advanced Typography class in Fall 2011. The project was to design a logo and theme (Spellbound) for a fictitious theater season and the logos for three plays in that season. I chose Spellbound for my theme because live theater can be spellbinding for audiences as can the characters be under a spell. I chose Into The Woods which is a Sondheim musical about “Wish-Craft” and spells. A Midsummer Night’s Dream and Swan Lake, which are also about being under spells, curses, and enchantments.

For my initial concept, I kept envisioning a magical door that the brochure reader must pass through (turn the page or open the mailer), and then they would be drawn in,
and/or things would come out at you. After doing visual research, I found what seemed liked doorways or passages through trees so I played with that.

Below are the exploded full-color brochure envelope, the response card envelope, and two-sides of the response card.

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